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William Ondulich of Largo Discusses the Building Industry

For three decades, William Ondulich of Largo has been working in the building industry while gaining knowledge and experience to help others through his leadership skills. He has worked with both the private and public sectors, managing building department employees throughout the Largo area.

William Ondulich Largo 2William Ondulich was not always the one in charge though. He started his career as a construction worker and framer prior to attending Central Arizona College in the civil and heavy equipment technology program. He also worked with an array of engineering firms, including civil and geotechnical, and even has the experience of working for periods of time as a roadway inspector and geotechnical engineering technician. He even had the opportunity of working as a construction materials technician (CMT) on the Central Arizona Project while attending Central Arizona College.

He gained even more experience while in Arizona over the next decade, working as a structural designer with several structural engineering firms in the Tucson and Phoenix areas and reviewed building plans for several local governmental agencies. He eventually began offering building consulting services as part of his own business.

William Ondulich eventually moved to Florida to further expand his knowledge and experience as a building code manager, focusing on department administration for the City of Largo, landing the role of the chief building official with a consulting firm that provides building code services.

Always working to broaden his own knowledge in the field, he not only looks for new and exciting challenges but educates others on the importance of building code regulations and why they are needed.

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