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William Ondulich Explains How to Keep Your Building up to Code

Making sure that your building is up to code is more than just abiding by regulation. It ensures the safety of everyone inside and outside of the building site. William Ondulich knows this better than anyone. He has a bachelor’s in civil engineering with a focus on structural design and is a chief building official with NOVA engineering. Throughout the years, William Ondulich William Ondulich Largohas seen it all whenever it comes to keeping a building up to code. Though each region may have different requirements, all buildings follow the same guidelines in terms of structural stability, egress, fire resistivity, and more.

William Ondlich recommends that all contractors seek the proper permits that are required by their state before they begin construction problems. People like William Ondulich know that you can easily break code standards by not having the permit that you need.

The first point that William Ondulich shares with us is to ensure that your building’s handrails are strong enough to support people of all sizes. Oftentimes, contractors will be in a hurry and not install this correctly. William Ondulich has seen dozens of accidents over the year that happen due to poor structural disability. William Ondulich wants to remind you that you are serving the public and not serving yourself by hurrying through a project to collect your income. This is about ensuring the safety of others.

Fire hazards are one of the most common problems that buildings face. William Ondulich knows that all it takes is one faulty outlet to malfunction and cause a fire. Testing all of the outlets in a building and ensuring that smoke detectors are working properly is key to preventing a mass fire. What’s more important is ensuring that a building’s egress door is located in a convenient location that everyone has access to. This will ensure a safe exit from a building in the event of a fire. William Ondulich recommends that all obstructions be cleared from this egress door at all times to avoid roadblocks in the event of a building fire.

Proactivity is the key if you wish to keep your building up to code. William Ondulich recommends that all property owners and tenants remain vigilant and work together to create a fire-escape plan in the event of a disaster. We have to work together if we wish to achieve success whenever it comes to keeping your building up to code and having a plan in the event of a fire.

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