William Ondulich Largo

About William Ondulich Largo

Over the past thirty years, William Ondulich of Largo has gained invaluable experience in the building industry while fine-tuning his managerial and leadership skills both with governmental agencies and private sector building department employment. William Ondulich of Largo has spent time on the construction site as a construction laborer and a framer.

During William Ondulich’s time at Central Arizona College, he was enrolled in the heavy equipment and civil technologies program all while concurrently working with local civil and geotechnical engineering firms. While is Central Arizona, William Ondulich was afforded the opportunity to work as a roadway inspector as well as a geotechnical engineering technician for civil engineering firms.

The highlight of the time spent in the area was working on the Central Arizona Project canal as a construction materials technician. Subsequently, William Ondulich of Largo relocated to Southern Arizona where he was engaged as a construction materials technician and the lead materials testing laboratory tech all while attending the University of Arizona earning a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering.

Over the next 10 years, William Ondulich of Largo was employed as a structural designer with Tucson and Phoenix area structural engineering firms and as a building plans reviewer with Phoenix-area local government agencies. William Ondulich also ventured out on his own to provide building consulting services to expand on his growing knowledge.

Later, William Ondulich of Largo relocated to Florida to broaden his knowledge of the building code building department administration and again sought employment with the local government this time in a management role. Today William Ondulich is gainfully employed as a Chief Building Official with a consulting firm delivering building department services to government and for-profit construction and development firms.

In addition to building code knowledge, William Ondulich was also involved with Florida municipal Code Enforcement management. William Ondulich of Largo continues to broaden his knowledge base and continues to strive for new and exciting challenges.

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